Rustic Linen Crochet Table Runner: Free pattern

Here is a quick and easy crochet table runner pattern. It uses 480 yards (or less) of fingering weight linen in a loose gauge, worked mostly in half double crochet. This runner does not aim to compete with your grandmother’s doilies (I have lots of those). This is an entirely different aesthetic. Earthy, rustic, but with a touch of elegance.

When I decided to pick up crafting again 20 years ago, the first thing I did was a crochet project. It was an awful loopy chenille scarf. But it was the start of a beautiful – if short-lived – relationship with my local Joann Fabrics. Soon I discovered local yarn stores, and polished my knitting skills. And then I got the sewing machine one year for Christmas…. I don’t even dare go near a spinning wheel or a weaving loom. I don’t have room in my house for any more hobbies.

Table runnerAt any rate, when I visited yarn shops in my early years, I heard a sense of snobbery about crochet that I have never understood.

I like knitting and crochet equally.  Comparing the two arts is a matter of apples and oranges. Crochet and knit stitches result in different textures that lend themselves well to different projects. It all depends on your desired outcome.

Rustic Linen Crochet Table RunnerTable runner

Dimensions: 13″ wide x 41″ long

Materials: About 450 yards fingering weight linen, cotton, hemp, or similar crisp yarn. I used Katia Lino 100%. You could also use a sport weight yarn but of course your gauge and finished dimensions will be slightly different.

Crochet hook Size F, or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 19 stitches and 12 rows = 4″ in half-double crochet using F hook.

Note: Runner is worked in 2 halves. The first half is worked from the center to the edge, then yarn is rejoined from the center foundation chain and worked to the other edge.


hdc – half double crochet
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
ws – wrong side
rs – right side


Foundation: Ch 64. Turn
Row 1: (WS) hdc across, ch1, turn. 63 stitches.
repeat row 1 (22) times more. 23 rows total in hdc. At the end of row 23, ch3 instead of ch1. turn
Row 24: (RS) Turning ch3 counts as first dc. dc in next 2 stitches, *ch3, skip 3 stitches, dc in next 3 stitches, repeat from * across. Ch5, turn.
Row 25: *3dc in next ch-3 space, ch3, repeat from * across, ending dc in top of turning chain. Ch3, turn.
Row 26: Repeat row 24, except ending with ch1 instead of ch5. Turn.
Row 27: hdc in first 3 stitches, *3 hdc in next ch-3 space, hdc in next 3 stitches, repeat from * across. Ch1, turn.
Next section: Repeat row 1 (22) times, then repeat Rows 24 – 27.
Next row: (RS) hdc across. Ch1, turn.
Scallop edging row 1: sc in first 3 stitches, *ch5, skip 3 stitches, sc in next 3 stitches, repeat from * across. Ch 2, turn.
row 2: *12 dc in next ch-5 space, repeat from * across, ending hdc in last stitch. Fasten off.

Second half of runner:

Row 1: (WS): With wrong side facing you, hdc in each foundation ch stitch across. 63 stitches. Ch1, turn.
Follow the directions above to compete a second half beginning with repeating Row 1  (22) more times.

Soak finished runner in warm water for 15 – 20 minutes. Towel dry, then block, pulling out the lace and scallops where needed. Weave in the ends.

Linen table runner