Zero Waste Bag Pattern

A couple months ago, I wrote about how to recycle or compost fabric scraps leftover from sewing projects. But wouldn’t it be better if we could minimize scraps in the first place? Zero waste patterns are designed to use every inch of fabric with no scraps left! It is a growing trend among fashion designers, since clothing patterns can be notoriously wasteful. Recently I was inspired to take up the challenge of designing a zero waste bag pattern, and it turned out beautifully if I may say so!

I have given this bag the “test drive” in real life, I use it all the time. So, I am providing the free pattern download when you sign up for my email list! The pattern link will be emailed to you immediately after you sign up.

Zero waste bag

About the Zero Waste Bag Pattern

This bag was made with organic cotton by Cloud9 Fabrics. (Find out why it’s important to use organic cotton.) It is designed to use two coordinating quilting-weight fabrics and uses just 20 inches each. You will also need mid- to heavy-weight fabric for sew-in interfacing. I like to use some cotton canvas I found at a thrift store. I have found that I greatly prefer the smooth finish of sew-in interfacing over the unpredictability of fusibles.

Zero Waste book

Admittedly, I owe much of my zero waste inspiration to Liz Haywood, whose book, pictured above, taught me a great deal about the technique. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in learning more! (Also, the crocheted table runner pattern is available here!) There are other designers working in this space as well. Try following the #zerowastesewing or #zerowastefashion hashtags on Instagram for other ideas and makers.

Zero Waste bag interior

Zero Waste bag yellow

This pattern is fairly easy to make and I hope you will try it and tag me on Instagram @sustainable.stitching.

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Happy sewing!